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About Broken Link Check

Free Broken Link Checker / Find all the broken links on your site. Find dead hyperlinks on your website for free and detect broken link in HTML, posts and webpages.

Our free Broken Link Tool doesn't just tell you which of your hyperlinks are not working, but it will also display where the broken links show up on your site! This unique functionality allows this free broken link check tool to stand out among less powerful broken link checkers.

Why are broken links bad? "You need to understand that one of the main ways search engines rank websites is by crawling their links and indexing the content on those links. If you have a lot of broken links or 404 errors on your website it can potentially stop search engine spiders from crawling your site and indexing it. One of the first things our SEO experts do when taking on a new account is to check for any broken links." Source Web Design and Company

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Broken Link Check

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